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Products » Machines for electrotechnical industry

Conductor Forming machine

Machine is designed for high voltage generators or motors rotors insulated and not insulated copper conductors forming. CE marked.

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Swaging Machine

Automatic swaging machine performs swaging of the conductor bars in squirrel cage type rotors. We offer two size of the machine SwM-2-1 for smaller rotors with maximum diameter 1200 m and SwM-2-2 for bigger rotors with maximum diameter 2100 mm

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Swaging machine for traction motor

Automatic machine performs swaging of the conductor bars in squirrel cage type traction motor rotors.

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Insulation machine for straight bars

Automatic insulation machine is designed to apply mica insulation tape from two coils to straight conductors. Robust design assures long term and stabile work of the machine.

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Banding machine

Banding machine is designed to apply reinforcing fiberglass tape or wire to rotor ends. Closed loop force adjustment system is used for application force control. Machine can work in manual or automatic mode.

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Roller bed

Several type of roller beds are produced where stators up to 30 ton could be rotated.

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Rotor support stands

Both motorized and manually operated rotor support stands are available for rotors with weight up to 30 ton ( 15 t on one support).

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